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7 best cars for Uber

When it comes to finding out what the best car for Uber might be, it can be hard to know what direction to turn to. As an Uber driver it’s your responsibility to find a vehicle that is comfortable, and most importantly that a rider will appreciate, and that you can actually afford to drive in the first place. Many Uber drivers wind up in heavy debt buying what they see as the ‘right’ car only to find out that is has awful fuel economy and nothing like the visual appeal that most people would expect from an Uber driver.

To help you know what kind of car that you should be looking for, let’s take a look at seven of the best cars for Uber. This should make it a little easier for you to work out what kind of car that you should be looking to buy. Good vehicle economy and making the right choice with regards to the vehicle that you have picked up is an intelligent decision and one that could make your monthly earnings go up a little.

You would be shocked by how much you might be spending when looking at your car. To help you get around this, try and look into any of the following vehicles, all well-known for their good economy and effective mileage.

Hyundai Sonata. The Hyundai range is growing in importance all the time, and their Sonata might be the best pick on the road for Uber drivers. It makes a good choice as it has a luxurious style and a comfortable interior, while also offering a nice range of features such as heated rear seats and rear-window sun-shading. These are usually reserved for more high-end brands so makes a nice touch in this kind of car. Very affordable, too, providing a comfortable level of mileage that can make it affordable throughout the entire year.

Honda Accord. Designed with a real style and authority, the Honda Accord makes a good pick because it’s so incredibly safe and cost-effective. With the addition of a camera being included this allows you to make sure that you have plenty of added security to protect both yourself and your passengers from harm. Also, it comes with a very impressive level of mileage and fuel efficiency. It offers some of the best fuel efficiency on the road for Uber drivers, with an economic mindset behind the creation of the vehicle in the first place. If you want a safe and cost-effective vehicle, the Accord is worth considering.

Toyota Prius. The Prius is a fine pick since it’s been about for a few years already so has gone way down in pricing. This is a very important thing to note as it can be the most affordable of the vehicles on this list. It provides great mileage, with a really high-end level of performance not being weighed down with running costs. While it lacks a bit of style and it could maybe look a bit bitter, the Prius makes up for that by making use of its mileage – It can be the best car for Uber, it was voted among the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States by the California Air Resources Board.

Toyota Corolla. The Corolla is a good choice to go for if you want a car that is cheap to maintain, cheap to run and maintains a high level of consistency for years to come. This is a piece of kit that really does not mince its words or mess around – it’s solid, safe to work with, and easy to use for whatever purpose you might possibly need it for. Out of all the solutions on the road at the moment, it offers a fuel-efficient selection. Gives you around 32mpg, or 42mgpg if you go for the more expensive Hybrid option instead.

Chevrolet Volt. While likely out of the price range of most Uber drivers, it’s a very powerful vehicle that should offer you all the fuel economy that you need. With around 42mpg combined across the drive, you can find that the Volt offers an easy way to drive electric and still offer people a fun and safe drive. Cost-effective for you and something a little different for your customers to enjoy. It’s a very powerful form of vehicle, and one that you should definitely be considering trying out if you need something that’s dependable.

Subaru XV Crosstek. The Crosstek wins the day for many people because it offers a high level of around 33mpg outside of cities on the hybrid 4-cylinder edition. It’s quite affordable, too, around about the $20,000 mark, and it offers a very good solution for driving in bad weather while maintain safe. It’s a good choice if you want something that sets you apart from the competition but you don’t want to go too far. Safe to drive and with plenty of space, the fuel efficiency is an added extra.

Ford Fusion. A fine vehicle and one that makes an excellent choice for Uber drivers, this offers style, class and comfort all in the one mega-professional package. These are medium-sized vehicles that offer a really good range of comfort and features. It also comes with the MyFord Touch system which is essential for making sure that you deliver a high level of quality to your customers. It’s got good leg room and it provides a nice 2l EcoBoost 4-cylinder bonus to help make sure it’s an economic pick. Stylish, smart and easy to work with; this is one of the best cars for Uber drivers to consider.

With all of this in mind, then, what do you think the best car for Uber would be that you can afford?

Any of the above make viable options and most of these are available on the market on leases, deals and purchase agreements. While the overall cost of buying any one of these outright might be excessive, you can easily take on from a dealership and start saving money while impressing customers starting today.

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