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Can You Pass The Uber Background Check?

You decide to sign up to become an Uber driver for the most popular rideshare company Uber, then you will have to pass an Uber background check. The Uber background is all about making sure you pass their stringent requirements for becoming involved. They are pretty specific about who they let in the door, and as such you need to be ready to ensure that you can pass their requirements.

If you cannot, then you are not going to be able to make your way into a position with the company. If that’s something that you want to try and avoid, then let’s take a look at what kind of information is looked into during an Uber background check.

These checks are very specific and therefore you need to be ready to answer a series of questions along the way.

Who manages Uber background checks?

At the moment, a company known as Checkr is the company that runs the Uber background checks for the majority. They will be the ones to undertake all of the typical information that they need to know before they can put you out on the roads.

Some have complained that the Uber background check is not managed in-house, but it would be hard to do so. With so many applicants and so much to look into, it makes sense to outsource the task to a third party. Whatever you do, though, you will find that if you want to go and work with Uber then you will need to undergo this particular background check to make that possible

So, what do Uber and Checkr look to find out about you? What is the pertinent details that they pay attention to when you are trying to sign up?

Uber background check status

Now, typically the Uber background check can take around one week. However, some people can find that it takes longer. Demand, the veracity of the information you provide and how quickly you respond, all that determines the speed at which you are going to receive an answer from the firm.

Most of the time, you will be waiting around a week to get your full answer that you need. What you will see at first is that your background check is under an Onboarding status. This means that it is being checked out – if it does not change from Onboarding to Waitlisted, though, you need to contact Uber or Checkr and find out why.

Waitlisted means that it can be dealing with the documents or double checking all of your information against other sources. Sometimes they will also run your background check again to make sure that you are not re-applying to join up with Uber when you are already there. This is a very useful way for you to have some information about what is going on.

Side note: There are some reasons you can get Uber waitlisted after you become an Uber driver.

When it turns to the Consider stage, it means that everything has been put through and a decision is now being made about your progress. It means that everything is close to being ready and that a decision is likely to be with you in the near future. Should you find that your application remains within the Consider range for more than a few days, then prepare to fail your Uber background check.

Once you reach this stage, if you are going to pass it will be happening very quickly for you. It’s a great way for you to make sure you can have all the help that you need in getting closer to knowing if you are being accepted into Uber.

What, though, do they even look for?

What’s Involved in an Uber background check?

In a typical Uber background check, you would be surprised at how variable and extensive the functions can be to determine your Uber status. To help you make the right calls and make sure you are going to be likely to get your pass, you should try and make sure you have all the information that you can. Usually, an Uber background check is going to look for:

  • Proof that you have at least one year of driving history, or at least three years of licensing history if you are over the age of 23.
  • A clear Motor Vehicle Report, with less than three incidents over a period of time of around three years as time goes on.
  • No DUI or reckless driving complaints against your account at any point.
  • A totally clean criminal record, with no felonies or misdemeanours that could otherwise make your character look worse.
  • No speeding violations for driving 20mph or more over the speed limit over a three year time period.

However, please be aware that some non-violent felonies will be overlooked. It is on a case-by-case basis, though, so don’t expect to find the answer that you need immediately. It takes time to decide. Other than the above, though, Uber will want to look at:

  • Your courthouse records for every residence you have held in a seven year period, so they can fully ascertain your history.
  • All federal courthouse records over the last seven years to verify any legalities or issues you may have been involved with.
  • Motor vehicle records and social security data to help understand your long-term history and finances.
  • National sex offender information, should anything have occurred in the past that Uber need to be aware of.
  • Multi-state criminal databases will be checked, also, to determine your past as a citizen.

Uber background check summary:

Uber background check

Please be aware that some Uber directories in certain cities might look for even more on you to determine your suitability to the role. While this can feel rather over the top, it’s the same kind of background check that you would get in most other walks of professional life. If you are looking to make it easier to help get signed up as an Uber driver, then all of the above are going to come into play as part of your Uber background check.

Now you know what to expect, you can prepare accordingly!  The best way to find out if you’ll pass the Uber background check and start driving is to click here and APPLY!


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