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Difference Between Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Line, And Lyft Premier

When Lyft first started, it was about as limited as you could imagine – or expect. It was very simplistic to work and had very few options for any kind of customization or variety. As such, it became harder to use the system and it soon started to become quite troublesome for many people to mess around with and genuinely enjoy. Thankfully, over time, this has changed – the differences today are far superior to what they were in the past.

Thankfully, Lyft has now brought in various other versions of the service. Now, you also get the likes of Lyft Plus, Lyft Line and Lyft Premier. All of these make it easy for people to enjoy a variable form of service, one which is more likely to actually match up with their needs and expectations.

For anyone who is looking to make their travels around the city they live in easier, each of the Lyft options can be useful to go with. If you want to know what the major difference between each of the Lyft services is, though, you are in the right place. Let us look closer at the differences.

The key difference between the Lyft services

  • Lyft – The most basic version of the service that can seat up to 4 passengers and it’s competitively priced.
  • Lyft Plus – A vehicle that can carry at least six passengers. It costs far more than a regular Lyft.
  • Lyft Premier – A car like an Audi or a Mercedes with leather interiors, class and style. It is also the most expensive of Lyft options.
  • Lyft Line – You will be paired with a Line driver who already has other passengers in the car heading in the same direction as you.

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Lyft: Can seat up to 4 passengers

The standard, typical version of Lyft works in the same way that it always has. You merely log on to use the in-demand software package, and choose the right sharing service that you want to make the most of. You can get picked up by a nearby driver who is on shift, who use their own personal cars and pick you up when you are ready.

They don’t need a commercial license to provide a Lyft service, but all drivers are required to pass some form of major background check to ensure they are a suitable candidate for the role. This should make it easier for you to find a lift in confidence.

Any Lyft cars used in the regular service must have a model year of at least the year 2000, and has to pass a visual vehicle inspection to ensure that it is all above board and a credible vehicle to travel in.

The prices for hiring a normal Lyft service are, as you might imagine, the cheapest. As the most basic version of the service, it should be fairly simple to understand why that may be – it’s competitively priced, but you do get what you pay for. If you want something a bit more grandiose and classy you would do well to look at some of the other versions of Lyft that are available on the marketplace for you.

Lyft Plus: Seat up to 6 passengers/riders

Another popular option to turn to is Lyft Plus, which is good for those who need to get a larger group into the one vehicle. Since Lyft Plus is a vehicle that can carry up to six passengers, this is useful for when you are having a party, a large group meeting or even travelling to a major event together. From sports events to a night on the town, turning to Lyft Plus can be just what you need.

Since this costs far more than a regular Lyft, though, you should only use Lyft Plus when you actually need to. If you cannot get a normal Lyft pick-up you would do well to wait until they come around again. The sheer jump in price from normal to Plus is too much to just use as a convenience object.

However, you can be picked up in a larger vehicle when using the normal Lyft service, as Lyft Plus drivers’ service both.

Lyft Premier: Luxury version

Want that extra jazz and luxury added to your night? Then go for Lyft Premier. It’s a classy and charming travel experience that offers an extra layer of class to your traveling needs. It was introduced into places like the Bay Area, New York City and Los Angeles as an A+ equivalent to normal Lyft option.

The vehicles that you get picked up in, naturally, are of a far higher class and quality than the ones that you would normally get from a typical Lyft request. You’ll get plenty of choices and the like that can make it very easy for you to settle in and enjoy the process, adding that extra bit of class to the journey.

Usually it will be something along the lines of an Audi or a Mercedes that will come and pick you up – leather interiors, class and style. Also the most expensive of Lyft options.

Lyft Line: Share your ride with other riders and split the cost

Lyft Line is a new service and as such it’s not really “big” yet, in that it’s still being developed and improved. It’s only available in Los Angeles and San Francisco at present, but that is sure to change since it’s such a quality service. It’s the best way to enjoy your riding service as you then pool with other people that you don’t know. It’s a fun social opportunity as much as anything else!

Simply jump in, head to the destination together and split the cost accordingly. You merely put in a destination and, along the way, you will be paired with a Line driver who already has someone in the ride who isn’t you. It’s cool for getting to meet someone new as well as get to your destination without having to wait around.

After all, why not make the cost of travel cheaper and meet new people all at the same time?

Whatever version of Lyft that you settle with using, you will find that each offers a charming and easy way to enjoy the world of taxi driving once again. If you are not someone who feels comfortable hopping on public transport or hailing a cab, then Lyft can be the best option around that.

With the new added options of Line, Premier and Plus, you can make sure that you can get the kind of travel you need. From large groups to fancy travel, Lyft can now help you travel in the way that you wanted from the start!

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