Do You Tip Uber Drivers

Do You Tip Uber Drivers? I Know I Don’t & Here’s Why!

Do You Tip Uber Drivers?

For lots of Uber riders, the dilemma of tipping drivers has become an increasingly concerning discussion. Many people are unsure if leaving a tip is a good idea, or whether you would be better served keeping that money in your own pocket. Personally, I don’t invest any of my hard-earned into Uber tips for some very simple reasons. Let’s take a look at the reasons why the question do you tip uber drivers is absurd, and why I don’t tip Uber drivers. Let’s see if that will help you make a choice on your own.

Lack of Convenience to Tip

Call me harsh, I don’t really care. The lack of convenience to just give a tip to an Uber driver puts me off even offering a tip in the first place. You need to go through a convoluted process if you want to tip a driver; such as stopping at ATM, or request to make a stop at a gas station just to get some cash back to tip Uber drivers.

Unlike Lyft, the main Uber competitor, you can just add an extra bit on top of the charge for the ride in the app. At least Lyft make it possible to give a tip through a tipping feature in the app. I’d rather not put a driver through an entire snag and inconvenient myself to get cash just because I wanted to be generous.

Uber Cashless Culture

Uber is famed for its cashless payment method, meaning that many people love it as they don’t carry cash most of the time. However, this means that the drivers get it in the neck. When paying a driver for cash on any other service you tend to stop at an ATM, pay the driver and give them a small cut as a tip for their patience. Uber blocks you from doing that – so why should I have to then go to an ATM, pick up cash, and give it to the driver?

It’s making two stops when I only need to make one. That might sound selfish but if Uber actually made it easy – and possible – to give a conventional tip, I might just do so. At the moment, it’s like a minefield. The question, do you tip Uber drivers, will still remain controversial until Uber steps up its game and include a tip option in the app.

The cashless side of Uber has pros and cons – the major con for me is the fact I need to overspend just to give a tip. Even then, if I was to make a stop, it seems to go against Uber’s cashless culture. Sorry, but I don’t have time for that.

Lack of Quality

Lastly, some drivers just don’t deserve a tip. I’ve been in other taxi firms with the same problem – it’s not just an Uber thing. The driver was rude, the car was in poor condition, it had a funky smell… a glut of reasons can exist for feeling vindicated in not leaving a tip for a driver.

Uber, though, in my personal experience, has fewer occurrences like this than most, but occasionally I’ve found myself getting out of an Uber and just wishing I’d never bothered. The ride was slow, the person was weird/rude and I just didn’t enjoy the experience. I’m not going to tip just because I should at that point.

Best of luck to Uber drivers, but I have no intention of working through the draconian tips system. I’m also not just going to tip because I was told to – sorry. What about you, do you tip Uber drivers?

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