How to find Uber riders destination before picking them up.

How to find Uber riders final destination before you’re actually picking them up.

For any Uber driver it’s so important to be prepared for every trip that you get called to undertake. This can include making sure that you know exactly how to find an Uber rider’s destination before picking them up.

The more that you know before picking your rider up, the better. Have you ever wondered the rider’s final destination before you arrive at the pickup location itself? Then you can finally check out where the destination is for verification and easier planning for directions.

However, please aware that this only happens when the passenger themselves enters their destination before they hire you. It’s useful to be able to start mapping out the way from A to B when you are off to pick up a customer, so getting used to the Uber system for picking up riders and taking them to destination by planning it all out beforehand should be an important feature.

Basically, as soon as you are given a Ping to take on a trip, and you accept it, you have the option to hit the small Clipboard that is in the top-right hand corner.

Uber riders final destination before picking them up

Next thing you’ll be able to see is the Waybill option

– if you click that, then you are going to be able to get more information about where you are heading to. By doing this, you should now see their pick-up location and the drop-off destination only if they offered it in the first place which can be very useful. You’ll also get other assorted trip details, if they decided to divulge anything else about the trip itself.

how to find uber rider final destination

Now, you can begin to use this information to make sure that you can begin to plan it out. Maybe you know the best route, maybe you’ve never been there before. You can begin to check out things like traffic and to make sure that you can avoid hitting a large traffic jam and leaving your customer annoyed.

However, don’t get into the habit of just picking and choosing trips based on if they provide the destination data. Don’t start rejecting trip requests because they are only short, taking them a few blocks up. Take all the jobs that come; this feature should only be used to make sure that you know your rider final destination before you pick the person up.

Don’t start using it to try and cherry-pick the easy jobs – it’s something that you definitely want to avoid getting into the habit of doing. It’s lazy and quite crass. If someone has not entered the details, don’t hold it against them; some people just don’t even think about doing it.

Whatever you do, though, you should get into the habit of checking this so that you can begin to make sure you get people to their destination in a quick and fair manner.

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