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How to get a receipt from Uber

For anyone using Uber, you know that you are getting fast, safe and active transport solutions at all times. Not only does a platform like Uber offer the soundest form of private transport, but it ensures that you can have an easy solution to work with anytime you need to get around. However, with that in mind, it’s very important that you take the time to understand and appreciate how to best work with Uber for business and tax purposes.

For example, many people get into an Uber car and leave without getting a receipt. Receipts are important: they are a proof of purchase that you got the ride. If you are trying to plant Uber rides into your expenses form, then this would be a matter of genuine importance. If you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal for yourself with the taxman, then getting access to your Uber receipt should be up there with your important things to do.

So, are you looking for a means to get access to all of your Uber receipts? Then you’ll be pleased to know that it is easier than it appears.

Getting Your Uber Receipt

So, when you start riding with Uber and use it often enough, you might want to start building a little portfolio of Uber receipts. Of course, you can’t just start badgering your old drivers and demand that they send you receipts. Thankfully, though, Uber is modern enough to be run with smart and intelligent software that makes it easy for you to actually get online and find those receipts. To make that possible, you simply need to hand over an e-mail address to Uber.

Since Uber is all done electronically and everything is paid for with items like PayPal, successfully getting your Uber receipt and invoices is very easy. All you need to do is provide your e-mail address at the time you first register to ride with Uber, and upon completion of the each ride, Uber will automatically send you the receipt via e-mail. So, all you need to do is start downloading these receipts and keeping them on a file on your PC. That can be very useful for making sure that you always know where they are, and so that you don’t need to try and get through a sea of e-mails that you tend to get from Uber as the days go on.

I’m not Receiving My Uber Receipt – Why?

There are many reasons why your receipts are not going to be getting through. Some people use hyper-secure e-mail accounts that pretty much bans everything until you tell it not to. Others might be using a work account and thus will find it hard to get the kind of traction that they would have been hoping for in terms of e-mail security. And others might just find that, for varying reasons, their provider decider it was a spam e-mail.

So, make sure you always start out by checking your junk e-mail and spam folders. You could have many dollars’ worth of tax receipts just building up. To help you get around that problem, you need to consider making a platform that allows you to easily get access to these details when they are needed.

Not sure if you have the right e-mail address set? Then head into your Uber app. Within there, you can begin to start messing around with e-mail addresses by heading into Settings. Within Settings, you can find an easy way to change your e-mail address to the one that you want to use for collecting your Uber receipts. If you are using a business e-mail platform, you could even get one made up just for Uber receipts, so that it is all kept together.

Accessing Receipts in Live-Time

To get access to your receipts when you are out and about, you don’t need to check the e-mail. Instead, you can do it all from the inside of your Uber app itself.

  • Simply start up Uber on your smartphone device.
  • Once you are logged into Uber, be sure to head into Your Trips. This is a back-catalogue of every trip that you have gone on.
  • In here, select the tip you wish to get the receipt from – usually, they are sorted by date.
  • Here, you can view everything from the route taken to where you were picked up/dropped off. This allows you to review the full process quickly and easily.
  • Hit Receipt if you want to get a full breakdown of the pricing structure for your fare.

With all of this, then, you should have absolutely no problems in putting together receipts for tax purposes. So, whether you want to just check it out for information or you are adding it to your tax return this year, now you can see just how easy it is to manage.

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