Lyft cleaning fee

Lyft Cleaning Fee

Lyft Cleaning Fee – How Much Will You Get From Lyft

Lyft is the second most popular rideshare service around and it is only second to Uber. Lyft competes with Uber in many areas including the cleaning fees. Lyft drivers must know that they are entitled to a Lyft cleaning fee if a passenger pukes or makes a real mess inside the driver’s vehicle.

These two rideshare companies are getting thousands of ride requests on a daily basis. Even though Lyft & Uber make up for a good chunk of rides given, there is still a lot of ride requests available to other rideshare companies as well.

As a Lyft driver you should be concerning about this topic, Lyft cleaning fee. You’ll be amazed how many riders end up paying more than they should have for a cleaning fee. At the same time, you’ll be surprised how many drivers miss out on damage or cleaning fees.  Some drivers don’t know they can get reimbursed for a cleaning fee after a rider trashes inside their vehicle. Some drivers forgot to submit photographic proof of damages caused by vomit within a timeframe.

That happens to a friend of mine who drives for Lyft. To make a long story short, a rider vomits inside his vehicle and he panics and quickly he went to clean his vehicle without taking any photo of the damage, in this case the vomit/puke.  Second mistake he made, he let Lyft know about it 2 days later.  All in all he lost on a lyft cleaning fee which clearly he was entitled to, but he didn’t follow t he rules.

No doubt the ride-share services are taking over the transportation or taxi industry, it’s a revolution. Rideshare drivers get to work whenever and wherever they want, it’s that flexible. With that being said it’s safe for me to say that there’s nothing funny when a rider makes a mess or worst yet pukes inside your vehicle. After all the requirements you meet before you can drive for Lyft, the last thing you need is a passengers vomits in your car.  If that happens to you, you will want to let the Lyft Support team know about the situation almost immediately and they will most likely help to make it right with a reimbursement for a Lyft cleaning fee.

Obviously, if a passenger vomits in your car, you’ll have to hold off on taking upcoming ride request until the damage is fixed. In most cases, until your vehicle is cleaned and or repaired and free from the smell of the vomit/puke.

For you to collect a Lyft cleaning fee, the following information must be sent to Lyft, and you must do so within 24 hours timeframe:

Steps to take to qualify for a Lyft cleaning fee

  • You need 2-3 clear pictures of the mess or puke/vomit that causes the damage. (Blurry photos won’t get accepted)
  • Be able to identify which trip the issue occurs. Any identifying information such as pickup and drop off locations as well as when the incident occurs will be helpful.
  • If you can provide Lyft with a brief description of how it happens, that’s fine too.

How much will drivers get for a Lyft cleaning fee?

$250: This is the maximum you can get approved for, after you make a request for a Lyft cleaning fee. Usually, this amount is provided to you by Lyft taking from the party responsible in cases of large vomit mess, major bodily fluids, urine, and blood cause damages inside of your vehicle.

$100: You will get this much in cases of small bodily fluid mess that are on hard surfaces that causes stains on some surfaces that are hard to clean. Riders or passengers make such mess will be responsible for the mess. Lyft will automatically charge the responsible party’s credit card on file for the damage caused.

$25-$50: The most common situation for this figure is vomit on the outside of your car, some small regular types of mess such as food spill, fast food bag left napkins, and trash left all over the place. If you pick up a rider from the beach, if there’s sand or dirt on your car seat, you’ll get paid for the mess.

Why was I get charged for a cleaning/damage fee?

If you make a mess, trash, or worst yet vomits in a driver’s car, you are responsible for the damage cause by such mess. Lyft will determine how much the passenger will pay to reimburse the drivers based on photographic proofs of the incident.

You have to remember that you are using somebody’s personal car, so it’s crucial that you don’t make a mess.  If you share a ride with your friends and one of them vomits inside the driver’s car, it’s on your account.  In this case, if something like this happens to you, talk to your friend and get him/her to give you your money back.

How will you get notified of a cleaning fee?

Lyft will send you email with photographic proof of the mess you created. The email will also include the amount the damage/mess cost to clean.  If you were charged by mistake, you’d want to contact Lyft immediately to get it resolved.

What if the driver asks me for money for the cleaning fee?

In some instances, riders can end up paying more than they should have for a cleaning fee.  If you give money to a driver for a cleaning fee, and the driver still requests a cleaning fee from Lyft, you will end up paying twice for the damage.  The money you give the driver which you shouldn’t have and the money Lyft will take from your account to give to the drivers.

Drivers are not supposed to ask you for a cleaning fee. If they do, tell them to request for a cleaning fee from Lyft, and report them to Lyft immediately.  You’ll probably feel pressured or ashamed after you puke inside a driver’s car, and so you’ll want to offer to pay for the mess with cash. Word of advice, don’t do it.  As I stated above, some drivers will still request for a Lyft cleaning fee after you make a deal with them and pay them with cash for the mess, so again you’ll end up paying twice for the mess.


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