Lyft driver requirements

lyft driver requirements

I know for a fact that you’re reading this blog post because you’re interested in becoming a Lyft driver but you’re not sure what the Lyft driver requirements are. Am I right so far? Well if that’s the case, you’re at the right spot. It can be a very intimidating task to find every information you seek about the requirements to become a Lyft driver, but not anymore.

In this article, I will cover all the essential points about Lyft driver requirements to know. And if you follow the instructions provided here, in no time you’ll be hitting the streets driving for Lyft and bringing revenue. Although it looks like a very daunting task, but the process is straightforward to sign up and drive for Lyft.

Below are the detailed requirements to meet to be eligible to drive with Lyft.

  1. Be 21 years old at the time the application submitted.
  2. You need to have a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year.
  3. Clean Driving Record.
  4. Be ready to pass a criminal background check.
  5. Vehicle registration/Car insurance is required so be ready to provide proof upon request.

Lyft driver requirements – Your age

You must be 21 years old, there’s no way around this requirement. Your application will automatically be rejected if you don’t meet the age requirement at the time. So, even if your 21 birthday is within days or weeks, you’ll have to wait it out.

Valid driver’s license required

You must have a driver’s license for at least one year. If you just move to a new state from another and you’re thinking of throwing/cutting your old license, don’t do it. You might need it for proof that you’ve had your license for at least a whole year in the state that you plan to drive.

Yes, you must have a driver’s license issued in the state you want to drive for Lyft. Don’t get confused, let me clear, if you just move to FL to let’s say from California.  But you have not yet resided in FL for a year yet; you can still meet this lyft driver requirements. All you have to do is email your NEW license from Florida WITH your OLD one to Lyft.

They’ll be able to see that you’ve had your driver’s license in the country for at least 1 year.  So, if you’re applying to Lyft with a new license, now you know what to do.

The Driving Record

You must have a clean driving record, at least for a period of time. No one would be qualified if a clean driving record since ever was required. Well, not many, maybe a few.  I’m going to go over what you can or cannot have on your driving history and for how long.

  • You can’t have more than 3 moving violations in a 3 year timeframe. That included and not limited to traffic lights, and seatbelt violations, fender benders, speeding tickets etc…
  • No major violations; such as driving with suspended, reckless driving, illegal car racing for the past 3 years in your driving record.
  • No driving under the influence of under any drugs; to put it in layman terms, you can’t have any DUI’s or drug related offenses for the past 7 years.
  • No hit and run, no felonies involving a car for the last 7 years

So, if you had one or two speeding tickets, that doesn’t mean you automatically disqualify. The best way to know for sure if Lyft will accept you is to apply.  You’re afraid they might reject you and say no to you? You’ve ever been told no before? What I’m trying to say is you won’t know for sure until you apply and if they say no, it’s not the end of the world.

Lyft Background Check

Lyft will conduct background checks on all potential drivers or applicants. You’ll be thoroughly vetted and Lyft contracted the Sterling BackCheck company to make it happen.

As dictate by Lyft, you CAN’T have any of the followings on your record for the past 7 years.

  • Violent crimes of any kind.
  • Convictions of any felonies
  • Sexual offenses.
  • Property damages.
  • Certain kind of theft
  • Drug related offenses.

You won’t be allowed to drive for Lyft ever if you are on the “National Sex Offender Registry and DOJ 50-State Sex Offender Registry”.  It doesn’t matter of the timeframe on this one, if you have such offenses on your record, you won’t be able to drive for Lyft ever. There’s no way around it. The background check can take to as low 2-3 days and up to several weeks.

Vehicle registration/Car insurance

You are required to have your vehicle registered in the state that you plan to drive for Lyft. That being said, you can’t be driving around picking up passengers with no plates/tags.  You must have insurance on your car.

The mentor session

You’ll be required to schedule a mentor session, which is basically an appointment with an experienced Lyft driver to inspect your vehicle from checking your foot brakes to safety belts.  It’s best to fulfill this part of lyft driver requirements asap because your background check process will be initiated as soon as this mentor session is done.

So, make sure you clean your vehicle. You can meet with the mentor to any location; it doesn’t have to be at your home address.  You’ll get to ask your mentor any questions you may have.  The assigned mentor will take you on ride, just to see if you drive safe, don’t be nervous.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.  Thanks for stopping by…



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