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Lyft pass: how to use this new system to your advantage

The modern world is a constantly changing place, not least the way that we travel. While in the past we were reliant on price-setting private taxi firms to get us around, companies like Lyft have appeared. Many people use this popular method of on-demand transport to get them around at day and at night. However, if you happen to use Lyft a lot, you might find that your costs are creeping up. If that is a problem you would like to avoid, then you should take a look at their latest feature: Lyft Pass.

What is Lyft Pass?

This is a newly included (invite only) promotion on the Lyft app that allows passengers to get better pricing on their travel. Lyft Ride passes will grant access to a promotional value on a set number of rides which are taken during an agreed timeframe. This is useful when you need to make a lot of short stops in a quick space of time.

You could, for example, get things like $5 off of your next ten rides. Another example is that you can secure a flat fee for a journey that could cost more on its own. This would allow you to, for example, make that flat fee journey more than once in a short period of time. After those journeys all add up, you could have saved a lot of money.

Lyft Pass Subscription Plans

The confusing part is when you look at the Lyft Pass subscription process. You will, for example, need to purchase your pass upfront – and then apply the promotional value for the rides taken. You’ll also be given a clear start and expiry date for the whole collection of promotions – just check the Promos tab.

That will allow you to see your present plan, though be aware that some Lyft Ride plans will auto-renew. If you would like that to stop, then simply check the Notifications tab on your Lyft app. You can then choose if you wish to renew or otherwise.

One of the common subscription plans at moment is the Commute plan. This is used for those who are using Lyft to get to work most of the time. This will start at your home address or your destination address, like your work or your school.

You could also set up the very popular Smart Savings plan, which is one of the most versatile options on Lyft Pass. This would allow you to get a percentage off all rides that you take – regardless of destination – for a given period of time. If you think that you are going to be having a very busy couple of days, this could help you to make a lot of savings.

Should I get Lyft Pass?

It’s entirely up to you. If you use this service a lot, particularly to get you from A to B, it’s definitely a good investment. However, be sure to look at available subscription plans on your Lyft app. Once you get an invitation from Lyft to purchase a pass, we recommend that you consider it closely.

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