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Lyft receipt – How to Get Access

Lyft receipt – How to Get Access

As a driver for popular taxi app Lyft, you might wonder just how you can stay on top of your Lyft receipt. You see, for a long time, it was hard to get access to your Lyft receipts. This would make filling out your taxes a pain in the neck, and often meant doing a lot more work than you probably should have to.

If you wish to get your Lyft receipt, though, you can do so if you know where to look. In this simple guide, we’ll help you to work out where to get your Lyft receipts from, so that you can make the right call starting from today.

Getting access to your Lyft receipt

First off, you can now finally get your Lyft receipt directly from the app. This new feature was finally added a while ago, and has become one of the best ways to fully ‘get’ your incomings as a driver. You can do this simply by checking out your entire rider history.

To do that, all that you need to do is click on the Ride History section. This will give you access to all of your previous rides, often sorted by date. This means that you can quickly and easily see who you have picked up, and when. It breaks down a lot of key information about each ride when you click on it.

You simply need to click on the name of each of the rides, and you can then take the time to look through each of the Lyft rides you took on. This breaks down where you picked them up, where you dropped them off, and how much money was paid.

You’ll also find out some other useful info, like a map of the trip, and also access to the pricing details. So, this is very useful for looking through old Lyft drives and making sure you adequately add-up all of your earnings.

One big issue that you might have, though, is that you might have someone making a complaint or a lost item request. With the ability to now see exactly where you have been, you can verify the legitimacy of a complaint much easier.

Can you get a paper receipt?

Yes, you can. You can contact Lyft and ask them to forward you each of the paper receipts that you are in need of. You can also use third party apps to do this, such as Ride Receipts. Either way, please make sure that you have a verified and up-to-date e-mail associated with your Lyft account. If not, you might not be getting the receipts sent out to you via e-mail.

Make sure that your e-mail address book also allows for the likes of, and – this is the most likely places you will receive an e-mail from the company from. If you do that, you are much more likely to start receiving your Lyft receipts. Accounting for everything just became a whole lot easier, all thanks to Lyft!

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