Safety measures for Uber drivers to take to protect themselves against the Covid-19

For anyone still out there during the COVID-19 outbreak, it can be hard to find work. For anyone who is taking part in using an Uber for example, it can be tough to know when you should be out driving. If you are an Uber driver and you are still taking the risk to help the public get from point A to point B, then first off we would like to say thank you. in these trying times, it’s your kindness and your service that is going to help people stay safe.

Speaking of safety, we have some simple measures that we think you should look to try and put in place. Each of these measures should play a role in helping you to stay safe as the days and weeks go by, ensuring you can maximise your chances of working without spreading the condition or catching it yourself.

So, what are some essential safety measures for Uber drivers to take during COVID-19 to limit the spread?

Don’t take the risk

If you are feeling under the weather in any way, then stay at home. You might need the money, but you don’t want to be infecting other people. Make sure that you stay at home and avoid going out into the public if you feel even slightly under the weather. At this point, any risk is too large a risk to take.

Always cover your face

We recommend wearing a mask, a scarf, or a motorbike face cover to try and give yourself some kind of protection. This helps to add another layer of protection, and it helps you to feel safer knowing that you have taken the proactive step to try and cover yourself and others from potential infection.

Make cleaning your car regular

Every time you drop off a passenger, you should disinfect where they were sitting and anything they touched. Make sure you disinfect the steering wheel of your car and where you sit at the end of the day, too. This might seem extreme, but vigilance is going to be essential for Uber drivers who are out there on the road.

Keep your hands washed

While everyone likely knows this now, we want to stress the vitality of making sure you wash your hands constantly. Wash them under preferably hot water with liquid soap and rinse for at least 20 seconds. If you wish to use a sanitiser solution, ensure it is at least a 60% alcohol rating.

Avoid personal contact

While this might seem obvious, many people have grown friendly with regular customers. While a handshake or a fist bump might be common normally, for now it’s sensible to just about avoid any kind of contact with someone. If possible, try and limit all contact outside of disinfecting their doors after they have left the vehicle.

Keep these ideas in mind, and you can hopefully limit the risk of COVID-19 becoming something that you need to deal with.

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