uber cancellation fee

Uber Cancellation Fee

Uber Cancellation Fee – How to Get Away with it!

When using the Uber service, you might find that circumstances change. An Uber booked in the afternoon for the evening may no longer be needed. You could find another means of transport, see the night be cancelled or have a personal issue come up that stops you from going. This can be a frustrating experience, but what is even more so is the ridiculous $5 Uber cancellation fee that is charged.

While Uber states that you have 2-5 minutes to cancel a cab after you have made the order, not every decision that determines how you travel can be made 2-5 minutes after booking. In fact, the problem that has stopped you from being able to go might have happened 2-5 minutes before the cab is supposed to arrive.

While the official Uber page states that rides should only be ordered ‘when you’re ready to ride and near the pickup location’ it’s a little unfair to find yourself paying an excess because of this. You might need to cancel for any particular number of reasons, and while the situation may be so grave that you don’t even care about the Uber cancellation fee it’s always better to not have to pay for something you never even used.

One reason why you might not have to pay the cancellation fee, though, comes from the driver’s side. If a driver is 5+ minutes late, then you can cancel without having to wait for a cancellation fee to be charged to you. Also, if you use the uberPOOL system that some people use then cancellation at any point after accepting the order will be charged by the same $5 fee. You will also be charged a fee if you do not show for the pick-up within 2 minutes.

You can always open up a schedule with Uber themselves through the Trips and Fare Review section of the app, but as you might expect the chances of avoiding your Uber cancellation fee is unlikely to work out as you would have hoped.

The first thing we suggest to do is contact Uber and explain your situation. The people who run Uber support are people, too, and will be likely to listen to you if you have a good cause. Personal injury, a serious situation and the like are common reasons why you can get away without having to pay your Uber cancellation fee.

Also, you might get charged a cancellation fee if the driver who is picking you up cannot find you. That is on the driver, not you, so if this is reason for your fee then fight that to the death. Basically, the aim here is to wait it out; if the driver cannot find you, you will not be charged as they cancel. If you cancel, though, even if it’s because the driver cannot be located, you can be charged.

So long as your request is reasonable, though, you should have no problems trying to get your Uber cancellation fee back.

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