Uber cleaning fee

Uber Cleaning Fee

Uber Cleaning Fee – How Much Uber Will Pay?

If you are an Uber driver or simply a passenger, the Uber cleaning fee should be a topic you want to know more about. I can’t tell you how many riders emailed me and tell me that they get charged twice for a cleaning fee, I’ll tell you how that can happen, soon I’ll explain how that can happen, bear with me.  If you are a driver, you might find out that you won’t get paid for a serious mess passengers make in your car in some instances.

When driving for Uber, sooner or later you’ll pick up a drunk passenger who will unfortunately vomit inside your vehicle. When that happens, you can request a payment from Uber to cover Uber cleaning fee for your car. After all, Uber want to accurately portray themselves as something worthwhile as a business, they need to carry the right look and feel – cars included. For this reason, Uber offer a pretty fair value for reimbursement towards cleaning fee if you are approved for it.

This is important to know because cleanliness matters. Taking someone home from a night out who has had too much to drink, and who leaves a mess, is a common problem. Instead of having to pay for that out of your own pocket, Uber will be happy to help front the cost of the cleaning for you. Well, they charge the riders for the cleaning fee and then give it to the drivers.

So as long as you can provide clear proof and pictures of the mess, you can request for the Uber cleaning fee. Some don’t, but many do get reimbursed for the cleaning fee.

What is covered in Uber Cleaning Fee Disputes?

One of the major reasons many drivers request for an Uber cleaning fee is for any form of bodily fluid that is left behind – blood, vomit and otherwise. The vast majority of the time if you can give a clear explanation how such a problem occurred in your car.  And you get the proof mentioned above, you’ll most likely to get approved for the the Uber cleaning fee.

Receipts are usually needed, too, for the cleaning. You usually have to go and get the cleaning carried out in the first place, rather than get the credit from Uber first. Although a minor inconvenience it means you can get back on the road ASAP. So long as you can offer clear proof and show a receipt of what you had paid for in terms of cleaning, you can usually get the full $150 credit.

If you find that the fee reimbursed or paid you do not meet or close to the cost of the damage to your vehicle, then it would be smart to contact Uber and provide more details. Show as many angles as you can and ensure that the information you are providing can be as clear and as obvious as it possibly can be regarding what happened in the first place. Explaining how the mess/damage took place is a good place to start.

How much you get paid for Uber cleaning fee?

$20-$25: It is mostly covered small and regular types of mess, such as dirt, beverage/food spills inside the driver’s car that requires you to vacuum.

$40-$50: It’s pretty much when someone makes moderate mess such as puking outside but on your vehicle, and so it’s on easy-cleaning surfaces.

$80-$100: Uber will pay drivers this amount for passengers that make small bodily fluid mess inside your car. If your passenger stained surfaces in your car that requires hard cleanings, you’ll get reimbursed that sum.

$150: This is covered major mess that requires intensive cleaning; such as vomit in your car. It is the maximum of money that Uber will pay you. You’ll get this Uber cleaning fee in cases of riders puking, urinate, or other bodily fluids that are inside your vehicle.

Can a passenger get a refund for the Uber cleaning fee?

It’s probably not going to happen. If a passenger makes a mess or pukes in the driver’s vehicle, the passenger will get charged a cleaning fee. There’s no refund fee, you make a mess, and you pay for it.

You agreed for the terms and conditions  when you signed up with Uber.  With that being said, it’s important that as a rider that you don’t hand out cash to the driver for the cleaning fee.

The reason is that if the driver requests a cleaning fee from Uber, you’ll end up paying twice for the cleaning fee.  The money you give the driver, and the cleaning fee Uber will charge you for the mess you’ve caused.

If a driver asks you for a cleaning fee, don’t give it to him/her, and quickly report it to Uber. You can’t take the chance of negotiating the cleaning fee on your own. Like I mention above, if the driver requests for a cleaning fee from Uber, they won’t know you give the driver money already. After all you’re not supposed to do that anyway, there’s no cash transactions with Uber, It’s a cashless system.

Not long ago, I have a rider who explains to me how she gives a driver $100 because she pukes in a driver’s car. The driver went ahead and requests a cleaning fee anyway, and Uber charged her $150 for the cleaning fee beside the $100 she gave to the driver.

Do drivers need to provide proof for cleaning fee?

The most common cause of Uber cleaning fee request is related to puking inside a driver’s car, or damages caused or made to the vehicle.  Drivers have to send photographic proofs of the mess make by the riders to Uber before they can actually get reimbursed for the mess.

Drivers need to provide Uber with 2-3 photos of the mess or vomit which are not blurry. And they need to do so within 48 hours.

If a driver tries to collect a cleaning fee for a mess that never occurred. They will get deactivated for fraudulently trying to do so.

With that being said, if you deem that you were charged a cleaning fee that you know for sure that never happened. You’ll have to email Uber for proof and you’ll be able to find out if you or someone you know actually makes the mess.

When can a request for an Uber cleaning fee get declined?

If you have no photographic proofs the mess, and you don’t submit a request within 48 hours the cleaning fee request will be declined.  With that being said, drivers need to make sure to send clear photo of any mess inside your car. Last and not least, be able to identify on which trip the issue occurred. Well obviously if a rider pukes inside your vehicle, you won’t be able to continue to get rides.

There are other circumstances that you quickly clean up your car and continue to get rides. That’s why it’s important to be able to specifically identify the trip the incident occurs. If someone left trash in your car, or beach sand or dirt, in such instances, you can quickly vacuum and clean your car and get back on the road.

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