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Out of all the various forms of new Uber services that have been introduced in recent times, one of the most interesting has to be UberPedal. Produced as a new way to get around and make sure that you can enjoy cities such as Seattle and Portland from a whole new vantage point, UberPedal makes it easy to get your bicycle moving around the city with you.

If you are worried that you might need to leave your bike behind on a trip and rent one instead, fear not. UberPedal are vehicles with bike racks that allow you to get the bike up on the roof and get moving without any of the usual limitations that people tend to have when it comes to private travel with their own bikes.

This is a very useful way to make sure that you can get around the city that you live in with your bike. If you are going to be going on a long cycle trip but want to start from a specific point, then UberPedal gets you there without any of the usual limitations you might experience.

This on-demand bike option is the perfect choice for anyone who is on the roads and finds themselves too tired to get home. Rather than fear that you have been stranded, you merely contact your UberPedal nearest driver and they come and get you.

What is UberPedal?

UberPedal is basically a service option designed for cyclists.  Let me put it this way, it’s an UberX car service with a rear mounted bike rack that can hold up to two bikes, and passengers get charged a $5 surcharge.

With this Uber option, you can expect that all vehicles are equipped with bike racks available to cyclists’ passengers.  If you are riding your bike and you end up with a flat tire while you’re miles away from your home, then this is good for you.  Another plausible reason can be if you get caught in a rain while riding your bicycle, or you were blowing off some steam, and you’re tired and you just want to go home. Well, the UberPedal service is an enticing choice for you.

This Uber service is not yet available in every city in the US. Uber riders in cities with big a strong background and culture in bicycling such as Seattle & Portland can now find available drivers who can transport them with their bicycles racked behind a vehicle.

How to drive for Uber Pedal

If you happen to be in a city where this Uber service is available, Uber will reach out to you via SMS text message and email. With that being said, not all drivers will be contacted by Uber. So it’s up to you to contact Uber if you want to drive for the UberPedal.

How much does UberPedal Drivers Make?

As an UberPedal driver, you’ll have the opportunity to make more than you would as a regular UberX driver. According to Uber, drivers on the pedal platform make 37% more per trip than their regular UberX trips.

How much do Uber riders pay for UberPedal?

The price rate for UberPedal is basically the same as an UberX, but you only have to pay a $5 extra.

UberPedal fees example in Seattle.

If you request an Uber Pedal, and if you happen to be in Seattle WA, the minimum fare is $9.50. If the trip happens to be a short ride, Uber want their drivers to fairly get paid, and so the minimum fare covers just that.  Below is the breakdown of UberPedal fees:

  • Base Fare:$6.35
  • Cost Per Minute:$0.24
  • Cost Per Mile:$1.35
  • Cancellation Fee:$5
  • Service Fees:$1.30
  • Minimum Fare:$9.50

Steps to request Uber Pedal

At the touch of a button and if you’re ready to pay a $5 extra, you can request a ride and in minutes you’ll get an uberX equipped with a Saris bike rack  ready to take you and your bike to your destination.

  1. You want to open your Uber rider app
  2. At the bottom of the screen, slide over to the Uber service option you want, in this case, the UberPedal.
  3. Make your Request and wait for your ride
  4. You’ll get picked up with the ability to strap your bike on a Saris rack.

Where does Uber Pedal Available?

  • Colorado: Boulder, Denver
  • Washington: Seattle, Tacoma
  • Oregon: Portland

Let us know how this UberPedal service help you get around as a cyclist rider.  And if you’re a driver, drop me a comment and share with us if it’s worth it.

Are The Bikes Secure with UberPedal?

Yes – very! UberPedal is excellent for making sure that your bikes can stay well in place and avoid them from being damaged or risked in any particular fashion. This goes a long way to making sure that you are well on the right path with your new cycle options, avoiding the challenges of being limited in where you can go due to fatigue or fitness.

All you do is open up your Uber app, slide over to UberPedal, and Request a Ride. In time someone will turn up and get your bike strapped up to their safe and sound Saris racks. These are premium quality racks that can take any kind of bike and keep it nice and safe during the journey. Now you can make sure you have no problems with regards to keeping the bike in premium condition on the way home.

With free assistance to get the bike tied on as well as full insurance in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, this makes a massive difference to your progression.

With a partner or a colleague? Fear not, UberPedal has more than one bike slot. It can take up to two bikes at once and this makes it much easier for you to get both parties home with their beloved bikes unscathed.

For more information and advice about the quality of UberPedal and why it’s the best pick on the market for you to go with, be sure to check back in the future for more information and inspiration as to why this is such a brilliant choice.

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