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What Can Cause Drivers Uber Waitlisted

Since Uber is, strictly speaking, a relatively new service, many people are unsure of how it works accordingly. One such problem that tends to crop up time and time again in the Uber platform is people wondering what the term Uber waitlisted means. It’s seen fairly commonly now, and is typically associated with issues with the account.

For all intents and purposes, this points to the fact that your account has been (temporarily) deactivated. Don’t worry; many times an account which has been deactivated can be resolved fairly quickly.

Common causes to be on Uber Waitlisted?

There are several reasons that could get you into this situation, and many of them are quite simplistic. The top reasons for waitlisting include:

  • The wrong driver – If someone writes in and complains that your vehicle was being used by someone else, you are on the waitlist. This can take some time to go through as it has to be investigated and it could see you disqualified for good. Make sure you never hand out your vehicle to anyone. This also applies if you are found driving a vehicle that isn’t your registered vehicle.
  • Paid in cash – Don’t ask passengers to pay their fares in cash. If you get paid in cash, you can say goodbye to your Uber account. With more than 3 complaints in total against you, this is the end of your Uber days so make sure you always take money through the system, not through any form of payment otherwise.
  • Low ratings – Any drivers below 4.6 are at risk of deactivation. The Uber rating system is based on the total average of rated trips. If you get Uber waitlisted because of your rating, you’ll be given a second chance to improve. You’ll have to enroll and pay for a customer service class recommended by Uber.
  • Car accident – If you are involved in an accident and your rider complains, you will probably be put on the list pending investigation. If your vehicle has any kind of damage done to it then you need to take time off and cannot drive. It’s annoying, but it’s also the rules. This extends to any complaints surrounding your vehicle, from broken seat belts to door handles that don’t work.
  • Passengers – For some reason, some Uber drivers choose to take friends out with them when they work. This is 100% not allowed and is enough to get you waitlisted, for sure.
  • Uber updated background check – From time to time, Uber will randomly select a few drivers to refresh their background checks through Checkr. You’ll have to give Uber consent to do so, if not your account will remain deactivated.
  • Expired documents – A common issue, if you find that you need to get your documents updated then do so and send it over. This can be resolved in 24-48hrs, allowing you to get back on the roads as soon as possible.
  • complaints – This tends to be one of the main reasons to wind up on the list, and it’s very annoying. A generic or basic claim could be made against you and you just need to wait it out until the investigation is pending. Sometime this can come from very innocuous scenarios and cost you vital time out on the road because of it, so make sure you are prepared for potential complaints.

All of this means that being Uber waitlisted is very annoying, and also very easy. If you want to avoid this problem, then you simply need to know where to start looking. And what to understand regarding that all-important next step for your account. Just make sure that you have a chance to speak to an Uber representative to get this sorted ASAP, as being waitlisted means you effectively cannot work.

If you have been Uber waitlisted, we want to hear the reason and how long it takes you to get it resolved?

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