What is Uber

What is Uber & How Does It Actually Work?

For many people, understanding just what is Uber all about can be tough. To some, it’s a taxi firm and to other people it’s so much more. To help you understand what Uber is, this guide should hopefully break down the basics so that you can fully understand the unique challenge that is posed by Uber in the first place.

Uber is a real time rideshare service that connects those requesting rides with available drivers in the area. The way it works is simply amazing, a rider open his/her Uber app and make a request to get picked up using a smart phone.  The closest Uber driver is then alerted and offered the fare, and gets directed to the rider’s location once accepted.

You don’t use cash to pay for your Uber ride. It is a cashless service, the payment happens behind the scene.  It gets taken automatically from the rider’s method of payment saved on file, from your paypal, debit or credit card.

What is Uber? – Background Information

First launched in San Francisco, California, Uber is a good idea that has exploded into one of the most powerful transport firms on the planet. With over 500 cities covered and 60 countries, with an ever-expanding list, Uber is now valued at well north of $70bn and as such is one of the most lucrative companies around.

It’s cost-effective and safely managed to make sure anyone who gets a lift with Uber can feel safe. Designed as the informal alternative to getting a normal cab ride, Uber allows you to get from A to B with a bit more personality and charm than you would in a normal taxi service. With a private driver and easy mobile access, you should have no problem at all in using this service.

You can simply hire your ride by using a smartphone, and you can even watch the driver on the map come right to you. This adds a friendly vibe to transport and removes the ‘needs must’ feeling that many people can find they get when they use Uber normally.

Different Types if Uber Services

Depends on the city you are at the time of requesting your ride, Uber have different levels of ride-share cars available to their clientele. What is Uber different types of Services?

  • UberX – It’s the most cost-effectively choice, and it’s available in any cities that Uber are operating or active.
  • UberXL – It’s largely spacious car option available and most importantly can seat up to six passengers.
  • UberBlack- It is the company’s original, that they started with providing this mid-priced and high end service that comes with leather seat and 4 door black car.
  • Uber LUX – When you’re requesting one, you can expect to be picked up in a luxury car, and it’s the most expensive option Uber service.
  • Uber SUV – Let me put it this way, it’s more expensive than UberBlack but cheaper than UberLUX. This option is stylish, and at the same time spacious.

The Expertise behind the Uber App

The Uber technology is incredibly amazing. Passengers and drivers get connected to each other using a smooth interface app which barely comes with errors. What is Uber to riders, Uber is more than a yellow cab, and to drivers it’s surely a way to make money by sharing rides with their vehicles and supporting their family.

The Uber app uses GPS capabilities to let both parties know each other’s exact location; as a result the passenger can track his/her ride and know when the driver will be at the pickup location.

How to Get Uber

Simply download the app from your smartphones typical app store. To start using it, you simply log in to the app and sign-up to make a new account with Uber in the first place. Then, you can get a nice promotional slot that allows you to get as much as $20 off your first ride – sweet!

You will need to link a credit card of PayPal account to your Uber account, though, as payments are made in this form of payment in the past. It’s a cash-free way to ride meaning that you don’t have to worry about not having any money in your packet.

What do riders have to say about Uber

I drive for Uber full time, and I can tell you that although Uber is a new concept to passengers, they can’t see themselves getting around without Uber. Riders are in love with the rideshare service provided by Uber. Many admittedly agree that Uber is affordable and economically friendly.  Some claim that it’s only a matter of time before Uber kick the traditional taxis out of business.

Are Tips Required?

No tip is required, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to tip your driver.  I understand the mindset behind the Uber’s culture that they don’t want to worry riders not having cash.

Feel like giving the driver a tip? No problem, you can do so using cash because there is no tipping feature in the app. You just don’t have to pay for your ride with cash.

Uber for Drivers

From a drivers’ perspective, though, Uber is the chance to meet new people, master the roads and have an engaging career that is rewarding financially. You choose your hours and so long as you can work to the standard needed, you could have a long and prosperous career as part of the Uber team.

The main challenge for Uber drivers stems from making sure they can reach the various background check requirements and vehicle limits in terms of what kind of car can be used.

If you feel like you can meet those expectations and demands, though, you can easily get out on the road and become a worthwhile member of the Uber community. The opportunity is there, waiting for you – will you take it?

How Does the Uber Company make money?

Uber take 20%-25% cut from every driver’s earnings plus they charge passengers a booking fee for every trip requested.

Are drivers insured by Uber?

This is a controversial topic, and from my perspective about the insurance provided by Uber, they will only cover accidents when there are actual riders in the driver’s vehicle. They will somehow cover you to an extent if you are on your way picking up a passenger.

That always makes me wonder what to do if something happens while I’m waiting to get pinged.  When I think about this answer, it stressed me out. What is Uber going to do the insurance situation, nobody seems to know.

Do Uber drivers like Uber?

As a current Uber driver, I speak for many for many when I say the idea that you can work whenever and wherever you want is absolutely superb. I can log in and out anytime I want, that’s the freedom behind the company. I wish that Uber would cover drivers with their insurance as soon as they log in the app, but that’s not the case. Another thing, What is Uber incentives toward the repair/maintenance fees? None, Drivers are responsible for these costs.

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